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Silky Parallax

We’ve built a buttery smooth parallax scrolling experience with a heavy focus on performance. Extensively tested across a range of browser and mouse types.

Unique Concepts

10 Fresh and unique concepts included out of the box. From portfolio to property showcase, Foundry’s adaptable look is perfect for your next project.

Modular Design

With a plethora of purpose-built content blocks, colors and fonts, Foundry presents a mind-boggling number of combinations. Test drive the builder now!

What I do as a photographer

have been a photographer for several years and I specifically focus on event and corporate photography. My days are never average because every day is always different and they vary widely. My busiest days are when I have to wake up before 7:00 a.m to edit photos I took the previous night maybe at a Gala or a fundraiser. Thereafter I might head out for an event shoot if I have a new appointment. Some times when I don’t have any appointments, I’m usually lucky enough to have them as free days. However, that does not mean I just lazy around, instead I take that time to edit some of the photos from any previous shoots.



Customers using our pictures


Limitless potential using our photos

At times, event photography can be stressful but generally, photography is fun and you get to explore more.

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