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Gallery Janjobe was the artistic collaboration of Louisville, Kentucky area artists -- Janet Bailey Burch, Jana John, Joy Lait, Sharon Major, Ann Klem and Patricia Brock.

The gallery, one of the mainstays of the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center for 10 years, featured a diverse collection of artwork by the owners and other artists from Kentucky and around the country.

The artist/owners' mission was to offer art that couldn't be found elsewhere in the area -- things that are unique and that, of course, have attitude.

The gallery first opened for business with a sneak preview on June 30, 2006, and celebrated its Grand Opening on Sept. 29 and 30, 2006. After 10 years and loads of fun, it was time to move on to new adventures and closed on September 30, 2016.

All the owners are, or have been, members of the Louisville Artisans Guild, the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. You can contact the artist at their individual websites of find them on Facebook.

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