Truly an Honor

It’s always so fun to watch a couple on their wedding day. I get to know them initially at the engagement session, but on the wedding day, you get to see them surrounded by their family and friends, and you see their happiness and their personalities in a truer light. This was certainly the case with Amanda and Andrew – I remember really enjoying their engagement session, and on their wedding day I got to see more of how fun and wonderful they really are! The day was spent with countless smiles and laughs, and seeing these two say “I do” was truly an honor. They held hands during the ceremony and danced together during the reception, and I witnessed for myself how perfect they are together, how their friendship is deep and strong, and how in love they are. The weather was great, the venue was beautiful and friends and family were filled with such joy! It was a fantastic day – take a look at some of my favorites!

Getting in the dress is always the fun part

The ceremony was held at St. Joseph Church in Herndon.

They’re pretty adorable..

The ceremony was filled with love and smiles and laughs! The best!

After the ceremony, we drove to Old Town Alexandria for some bridal party photos!

Yes, they were awesome people.

Pretty girls!

Haha! Love it!


Amanda, you look SO amazing!! And I loooveedd her bouquet from Affordable Arrangements.

Amanda, you are stunning!!!

One of my favorite cakes ever!!

And the adorable cake-topper! Love it!

Amanda’s sister was giving her heartfelt speech when this happened..

…And it was perfect

Andrew’s brother also gave a toast that was truly touching.

Amanda and her sweet daddy!

I know the next two are similar but I loved them both!

And then everyone got to dance!!

She is so fun!

Some UVA friends!

Look who it is on the left!! I LOVE THEM!

Ha! I love how easily Andrew can make people laugh!

And then friends and family sent them off with bubbles!

Thank you Amanda and Andrew for inviting me to be a part of your day – it was so beautiful and I’m so thankful to know you!